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Welcome to "Our Le Suquet Story"

The Beginning of our dream project

Stephanie and I don't do anything by half. Two weeks ago she gave birth to our daughter "Sienna" while we were discussing furniture and finishings for the 6 houses that make up Le Suquet.

The Farm has been in the Lagreze family since 1958, and we have been lucky enough to continue the next chapter as the "Vogelius Bowman" family. We are not French at all, but very Francophile. We both speak French and love French culture and lifestyle. I think ever since we started dating a few years back, Stephanie talked about owning, restauring and running a "Chateau".

Well, Le Suquet is not a chateau, but a old farm on a small hill. It's a charming place looking for love and attention. Don't expect the usual English Country Garden make-over, we are looking for something much more authentic and less fancy. Stylish, chic and rustic.

We don't want something too modern either. We are wanting guests to enjoy a more back to basics experience. That doesn't mean the decor and beddings are not high-quality; just chosen to reflect the style of the buildings.

We will share our journey as a new family and our new second home in the lovely Dordorgne with you over the coming months. If you'd like to come and stay, book a house for a week. Le Suquet is only a 5 minute drive from the amazing and lovely market-town and Bastide: Issigeac.

Send me your comments and have a great day. See you at the farm. Skip Bowman

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