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GRAND heated swimming pool at Manoir du Suquet

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

During 2021, we completed a 12 x 6 pool with large surrounding terrace made of lovely Dordogne ceramic tiles. The pool was constructed by Piscine Serenity at Creysse and the tiling by our friend and carreleur Craig.

The tiles are very special. We decided to lay them in a roman opus pattern which is complex to lay. And we added some additional small tiles with special patterns to give each square meter of the 130 square meters of terrace a unique touch. The only problem was that we need to lay it once, decide where to lay each tile … and we are talking a lot of tiles. And then put them along side the terrace before we began laying the screed. It was a creative but big job. Good quality tiles are heavy. And there are a lot of tiles in 130 square meters!! It was though worth it. The color, texture and patterns give an wonderful effect and a lovely feel on your bare feet.

The pool is lined with a sand colored liner and that gives a soft green color to the water. Our pool is in the south-west corner of the garden and has lots of sun from around 8 am to 6 pm. It‘s 1.5 meters deep from one end to a another. We have some nice steps and a step at one end where you can enjoy a view across the valley towards Chateau de Bardou.

We have planted a Mediterranean garden around the edges of the terrace. Towards the west, we have a lovely grassed slope were people can lie on the grass. There is a solar shower for a quick rinse before and after the swim.

The pool is based on a chlorine system and has an electric pool cover for safety and to keep it clean. We heat the pool to 26 degrees so that almost everyone can enjoy a swim and feel comfortable

Our next project is completing the pool house “Maison du Jardin” that will enable us to host dinners, pizza nights in our own pizza oven with a new terrace for 22 people. It’s going to be an amazing setting for events and cosy dinners from summer 2022.

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